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10,000 Years BC - Palaeolithic (Stone Age) prehistory workshops for schools, conferences, colleges, events, museums and media.

10,000 Years BC uses authentic-looking late Ice Age hunter-gatherer garments made from red deer skin, based on known evidence of Palaeolithic lifestyles, and Stone Age tools and techniques.

In our KS2 workshop sessions and other presentations we display quality replica prehistoric tools, weapons and artefacts of flint, bone, wood and antler for handling and discussion. Many of our artefacts are hafted to demonstrate their original appearance and function - they are not lifeless lumps of stone locked away behind glass. We are firm believers in putting the past in your hands.

To find out how 10,000 Years BC can assist you with the understanding of our early Stone Age prehistory, please check our What We Do page.

Due to increasing demand it is now necessary to book our KS2 workshops at least one school term in advance, and we are already taking bookings for the 2017 Autumn term.

Spear thrower
Palaeolithic garments
Flint knife
Spear thrower

Red deer skin
clothing for
the late
Ice Age

A small selection of our replica artefacts for handling
flint knife
Spear & Dart

PRIMARY TEACHERS: Need some help with the Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age element of KS2 History?

Our KS2 half-day Archaeology & Prehistory workshop sessions for primary school classes are now well established in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, and have also been running in Liverpool, Stockport, Wirral, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicestershire. We are receiving positive feedback.

We visit you and work in your classroom - no coaches to organise or school trip paperwork to complete! You won't even need to book the school hall. We are a husband and wife team, both qualified teachers with extensive Primary and Secondary teaching experience. We know how to work effectively in the familiar surroundings of a classroom with children, teachers, and learning support staff, and within the spirit of the latest National Curriculum. We provide participating schools with preparation notes before the workshop, and a unique site licenced multimedia Prehistory resource pack after each session. See What We Do for more details about how we can help you to kick start your KS2 History curriculum.

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Palaeofacts: Did you know that the Palaeolithic (or 'Old' Stone Age), starting with the first known use of stone tools over 3 million years ago and coinciding with the Pleistocene Ice Ages, accounts for 99.6% of our tool-using past? Whilst other enactors and museums may offer prehistory workshops from the Neolithic or later, we go right back to our lengthy hunter-gatherer heritage. This forms the ideal pre-agricultural starting point for a KS2 History curriculum that requires children to understand the changes that occurred between the Stone Age and Iron Age.

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